Museum of Water is a collection of publicly donated water that tells stories of the people and places it comes from. It is an invitation to ponder this precious liquid and how we use it.

Water is our most basic need but also our most overlooked, throwaway substance. We claim kinship with every water metaphor, yet in our actions we defend against it, squeezing and pumping, chlorinating and piping, soothed by our certainty that it will pour from our taps at a twist of our fingers.

It is time to re-examine our connection with the water that surrounds us, to develop a new relationship: to consider what is precious about it and how we are using it now in order to explore how we might care for it in the future. We are all implicated in this.

Museum of Water has travelled to over 50 different sites worldwide, been visited by over 60,000 people, and currently holds over 1,000 waters in the collection. In celebration of our access to fresh water, always running alongside the Museum is our Water Bar, a free pop-up outdoor bar serving fresh water from the nearest source.

Begun in 2013, in a time of relative plenty in Britain, Museum of Water travels across the world gathering collections of water for future generations to consider. The collection holds ghost water and bad dream water, water from the last ice age, a melted snowman as well as Norwegian spit, three types of urine and two different breaths. It holds water from Lourdes, Mecca and the Ganges, Mediterranean sea beside a refugee camp on Lesvos and water from an aboriginal grandmother remembering the stolen generation and the disappearing wetlands of Western Australia.

Explore our Collection online, listen to donors’ speaking about their water, keep an eye out for future events and bring your own water.

Choose what water is precious to you.
Help us build a collection of water for future generations to enjoy.
What water will you keep?

Museum as Community is a central act of museum making ❤️

Sharing some images from Nkabom —The Museum as Community, which explores the idea of community and connection through the work... of three artists and the notion of Nkabom - coming together. It will be on view to the public from May 20–June 21 at the Biennale of Dakar, 2022.

@kuuksss explores the reconnection of women of African descent with the earth in her film Born of the Earth;

@ritamawuena 's large-scale and delicate interventions remodel the Afayhe, ceremonial spaces;

@kwasidarkostudio installations look deeply into the layers of public urban spaces.

Also including images from the @ano_ghana of their mobile museum in Accra and their thinking on Future Museums.

The exhibition is curated by @nanaoforiattaayim, Director of ANO Institute of Arts & Knowledge in Accra and Director at Large of Ghana’s Museums and Cultural Heritage, who created the mobile museums as a space of communion in the village of Popenguine, facilitated by the community there.

The mobile museums have been built as modular, open-source bamboo structures, fufuzela, by architect DK Osseo Asare and houses works from artists Go Salam and Moussa of Delu6waat, reflecting on their connections with the sea and the communities around it, as well as their relation to the environment.

“This notion of the dynamic fluidity of time is often absent in museum spaces, fixed as they are on the singularity of one spatial story or telling...How do we create a space – one that offers growth, insight, learning and transcendence through culture – for all, not just one privileged social class?” @ano_ghana

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Kuukua Eshun, Born of the Earth, 2022.
Kuukua Eshun. Courtesy of ANO Institute of Arts and Knowledge.
Ano Ghana Mobile Museum

Um of Water will be part of Luminato Festival and will run from 9th to 19th of June. Um of Water is an invitation to sit, listen, and be with Water.
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...#questioningframeworks #museumofwater #colonialinstitutions

Um of Water will be part of Luminato Festival and will run from 9th to 19th of June. Um of Water is an invitation to sit, listen, and be with Water.
#luminatofestival #umofwater #Water
...#questioningframeworks #museumofwater #colonialinstitutions

@luminatofestival is back, live and in-person for 2022. Um of Water will run from 9th to 19th of June.

Um of Water is an invitation to sit, listen, and be with Water.

Museum of ...Water began in the UK as a collection of public offerings of personal connections to water, intended to deepen our relationships with water. In this new collaboration, a purpose-formed Indigenous artist collective comprised of Elwood Jimmy, Leslie McCue, and Sara Roque reimagines this project with UK artist Amy Sharrocks as Um of Water.

Um of Water responds to and evolves with the Indigenous context of the land we are on, and the Water we live with and rely upon for our collective survival. The work begins with a series of conversations and invitations – to recalibrate our relationship to Water, to move towards collectively centring Water instead of the human, and to strengthen our capacities in support of Water, water access, and precious water knowledges.

The Um of Water culminates during Luminato 2022, activating locations across Toronto by the Water, for the Water, and on the Water. Guided by the flow of the Water and the watershed we are on, local artists lead participants in experiences of resurfacing knowledges, communal gathering, and deep listening. Activities include activations along the Humber River, a Sonic Boat Journey on Lake Ontario, a hydrophone installation at Luminato Live at Yonge-Dundas Square, a virtual interactive Un-Mapping Platform, and more.

Please consider donating to the Keepers of the Water to help keep our waters clean and safe - link in bio.

Image and work drawing by Clara Peltier.

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Gutted to miss the exhibition by Gala Porras-Kim: Out of an instance of expiration comes a perennial showing⁠ at Gasworks London. The show has just finished, but you can still catch the panel ...discussion online -

#GalaPorrasKim #GasworksLondon

Gutted to miss the exhibition by Gala Porras-Kim: Out of an instance of expiration comes a perennial showing⁠ at @gasworkslondon The show has just finished, but if you missed it too, you can still ...catch the panel discussion online.

The exhibition featured sculpture, drawings and sound that delve into questions about ethics in museum conservation, examining with the way that museums manage the 'living' things in their collections - from spores and mould to human remains and spirits.⁠

Asking whether it’s possible for such objects to continue to perform their original function as spiritual offerings, @itsgala 's exhibition at Gasworks unraveled the many worlds colliding in these powerful stones, from institutional frameworks and colonial legacies, to ancient cosmologies and forces greater than us. ⁠

The Panel Discussion: Decolonial Perspectives on Exhibition-Making, Heritage and Material Cultures is available to watch online -

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Five decades of activist filmmaking: Alanis Obomsawin's documentaries are currently on show in a major exhibition at Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW). Growing up on the Odanak Reserve east of ...Montreal, since the 1970s she has created a model of Indigenous cinema that is deeply committed to social justice and the collective issue of ecology. Her work exposes the histories of relations between Britain and the land now known as Canada and challenges the core assumptions of a world system determined by colonialism.

If you are in Berlin on 2 April there is a rare opportunity to see her speak: she is in conversation with Monika kin Gagnon, author of Other Conundrums: Race, Culture and Canadian Art (2000).

This exhibition at @hkw_berlin traces Obomsawin’s artistic activism over the last five decades of history between Indigenous communities, the Canadian government and the media.

The Children Have to Hear Another Story—Alanis Obomsawin is on view at Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW) in Berlin until 18th of April.

Link to the exhibition and the talk is in bio.

Many of her films are available to watch on YouTube - please look them up - particularly recommended is Trick or Treaty? -
“Walking is medicine.You get to feel the land, and as we keep walking through the land our ancestors will rise through us.”

#thechildrenhavetohearanotherstory #alanisobomsawin #hkw #Indigenoushistory #historiesofrepresentation

Rivers, wetlands and other salt and freshwater ecosystems feature in the 23rd Biennale of Sydney as dynamic living systems with varying degrees of political agency.

In a time of devastating... floods in NSW and the 6th mass bleaching event on the Great Barrier Reef, these works and knowledges could not be more needed.
rīvus is open now 12 March - 13 June 2022 | Entry is free @biennalesydney

The 23rd Biennale of Sydney is articulated around a series of conceptual wetlands situated along waterways of the Gadigal, Burramatagal and Cabrogal peoples. These imagined ecosystems are populated by artworks, experiments, activisms and research, which together follow the currents of meandering tributaries, expanding out into a delta of interrelated ideas including river horror, creek futurism, Indigenous science, cultural flows, ancestral technologies, counter-mapping, queer ecologies, multispecies justice, hydrofeminism, water healing, spirit streams, fish philosophy and sustainable methods of co-existence.

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We have had the opportunity to work with incredible photographers across the world, some over years. We are thankful for the brilliance of Ruth Corney, Ben Blossom, Lucy Carruthers, Pete Tweedie (UK), Salih Kilic (NL), Jess Wyld, Jacqueline Jane (WA), whose work features across this site. How to have a 3 minute shower by the brilliant Jen Jamieson and The Oceanic Sessions were part of Museum of Water WA.

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