Museum of Water is a collection of publicly donated water that tells stories of the people and places it comes from. It is an invitation to ponder our precious liquid and how we use it.

Water is our most basic need but also our most overlooked, throwaway substance. We claim kinship with every water metaphor, yet in our actions we defend against it, squeezing and pumping, chlorinating and piping, soothed by our certainty that it will pour from our taps at a twist of our fingers.

It is time to re-examine our connection with the water that surrounds us, to develop a new relationship: to consider what is precious about it and how we are using it now in order to explore how we might care for it in the future. We are all implicated in this.

Museum of Water has travelled to over 50 different sites worldwide, been visited by over 60,000 people, and currently holds over 1,000 bottles in the collection. In celebration of our access to fresh water, always running alongside the Museum is our Water Bar, a free pop-up outdoor bar serving fresh water from the nearest source.

Begun in 2013, in a time of relative plenty in Britain, Museum of Water travels across the world gathering collections of water for future generations to consider. The collection holds ghost water and bad dream water, water from the last ice age, a melted snowman as well as Norwegian spit, three types of urine and two different breaths. It holds water from Lourdes, Mecca and the Ganges, Mediterranean sea beside a refugee camp on Lesvos and water from an aboriginal grandmother remembering the stolen generation and the disappearing wetlands of Western Australia.

Explore our Collection online, listen to donors’ speaking about their water, keep an eye out for future events and bring your own water.

Choose what water is precious to you.
Help us build a collection of water for future generations to enjoy.
What water will you keep?

Congratulations to @jtaylortrash on winning the TS Eliot Poetry Prize 2021 ✨

Invited by @thepoetrysociety @thamesfestivaltrust @museumofwater in 2013, Joelle wrote this amazing poem From ...Source to Sea on the occasion of the Source to Sea River Relay, which saw this little bit of the River Thames carried to the sea over two weeks with the help of hundreds of people along the way.

The Relay was a love letter to the River Thames from #jonathancooke @metalcultureuk

#165 - Jon Cooke
A little bit of the River Thames in a Bottle Collected and Transported 1-16 September 2013 Thames Festival Source to Sea River Relay

#cloudinabottle #liquidsilence
#2013 #2022

Congratulations to the amazing #joelletaylor on winning the T.S.Eliot Poetry Prize 2021.
In 2013 she wrote this poem, invited by the The Poetry Society and Thames Festival Trust on the occasion ...of their water gift to Museum of Water - this bottle of water carried upriver over two weeks from the source of the River Thames by river relay to the sea.

From the Source to the Sea – Joelle Taylor
This is a universe in a glass
This is the water
From your child’s first bath
This is the water
That showered insults from her skin
That meant there was a new beginning
This is the water
On which they lay on their backs holding hands
Translating the Morse Code of the night sky;
This is the water
From the corner of her eye
That he swam against the tide of
To reach the impossible other side
This is the water that God wept -
This is the sweat of the land
That turned the wheel
That churned the field
That fed the crops
That fed the girl
Who fed her head
And changed the world
This is the water
That wet the throat
That birthed the voice
That quietly wrote
The most important words he ever spoke
This is the water
That calmed the fevered forehead
After seven days confined to bed
That left gifts on the beach
That the old man polished
As bright as lies
And positioned carefully on the mantelpiece
This is the water
That washed the suit
That got the job
That they sprinkled on her brow
In the name of God
This is the water
That baptised a nation
Jewish Buddhist Muslim Christian
This is the water
That sat at the edge of the stage
And rippled with words
That contained, that remembered
Every sound it had heard
This is the water
That wiped a space on the window pane
That the sun slipped though
And everything was okay again
This is the water the formed the puddle
He should not have run through
That reflected her face the day she realised she was beautiful
That froze into constellations charted against a midnight hedge
That gathered at the edge
Of Indra’s snowflake web
This is the water
That boiled the rice that steamed the yam
That reminded him of home
This is the water
That cleaned the table
On which she wrote this poem
This is a cloud in a bottle
This is the water of secrets
This is liquid silence
A story spoken by streams
From the source to the sea
We wash water in the hands of humanity

Aaaah the bubbles the bubbles

Posted @withregram • @ourplanetdaily Frozen bubbles under Lake Baikal, Russia. This phenomenon occurs when decaying plants from the bottom of the lake ...release methane gas, creating bubbles that become trapped within the ice as the lake begins to freeze.
By @artemronin

Spending time in tribute & remembrance with some of the many people who died in the Channel on 27.11.21
Thank you @bbcnews @bbcworldservice for sharing the names and photos of these beloved ...people - do please read their full account.

9/ The Joint Committee on Human Rights, a govt. appointed parliamentary body, find that the new UK govt border proposals breach human rights -

10/ post by @joonlynngoh

You can find ways of helping by following @refugeecouncil @refugeeaction @safepassageuk @amnestyuk

For more information on the Nationality & Borders Bill aka the Anti-Refugee Bill please read this -

Our seas are graveyards.

#thoseinperil #pleasehelp #getinvolved #protest #change #seasaregraveyards #Atlantic #Aegean #IndianOcean #Mediterranean #Channel

The final @onfloatingworld feature for the year is an interview with @AmySharrocks. Amy speaks so beautifully about the subject of water and offers a lot to think about for the future — ...

Artist @AmySharrocks has been on a water-led journey her whole life: from early days as a swimmer, to tracing the lost rivers of London, to instigating @MuseumOfWater. Now she is questioning her own ...worldview and looking to the past for a better tomorrow —

Will post that picture separately cause I love it!
Human to creature Y transformation / "The Ether" experience.
📍LA Exhibition: 2270 Venice Blvd Los Angeles 90006

...Bodyart #LanaChromium

#underwater #photography #art #theether #specialeffects #waterproofmakeup #airbrush

🌊 @MuseumOfWater launches Um of Water, an interactive and virtual experience about water in collaboration with Indigenous artists in Ontario, Canada.
The ongoing project will continue across ...2022, culminating in June.
@luminato @artsadm

We have had the opportunity to work with incredible photographers across the world, some over years. We are thankful for the brilliance of Ruth Corney, Ben Blossom, Lucy Carruthers, Pete Tweedie (UK), Salih Kilic (NL), Jess Wyld, Jacqueline Jane (WA), whose work features across this site. How to have a 3 minute shower by the brilliant Jen Jamieson and The Oceanic Sessions were part of Museum of Water WA.

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